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Deer Isle is one of the most pristine and naturally beautiful island off of the Maine coastline. Second in size only to Mount Desert Island, Deer Isle has achieved the perfect balance of tourist attraction and residential community. Deer Isle offers some of the most beautiful cottage rentals in all of Maine and if you are considering a short or long term stay in a Maine cottage, Deer Isle may be just the place for you.

Of all the Maine islands, Deer Isle may be most famous for its abundance of lighthouses. With eight lighthouses within twelve miles of the Deer Isle coast, lighthouse enthusiasts have come to Deer Isle for centuries in order to enjoy the beautiful view and easy access to what is known as the Deer Isle Lighthouse Trail. During your stay, take a lighthouse tour: begin at one lighthouse and slowly fill your Lighthouse Passport with stamps as you make your way around Deer Isle.

Because of its prime location, Deer Isle still subsists as one of the largest fishing communities in Maine. Because of this, Deer Isle is a popular destination for the avid fisherman and the access to fresh seafood and fish in is absolutely amazing. If you are interested in being surrounded by the local, traditional fishing industry, Deer Isle may be just the place for you.

Because Deer Isle has made a name for itself in vacation cottages, there are many options from which the Maine vacationer can choose. Accommodations range from small, studio apartment sized cottages to full on estates. Visitors choose to rent in Deer Isle for a number of reasons, from family vacations, to romantic getaways, to beautiful seaside weddings. The wonderful thing about renting a cottage is that it provides the comfort and amenities of being at home which gives visitors more freedom to explore the local land culture. Cottages can be found right on the waterfront with immediate access to the boardwalk, on the Cliffside, and deeper within the heart of the town. Location is extremely important in choosing your cottage rental, however, Deer Isle is known for being a walkable town, so regardless of where you choose to stay, you are sure to experience all the pleasures Deer Isle has to offer.

So this summer as you are looking into booking the perfect cottage in gorgeous Maine, consider paying a visit to the beautiful and unique community of Deer Isle. With unrivaled natural beauty, a fishing industry to blow your mind, and access to a wealth of enviable properties, who would not like to spend a summer vacation in Deer Isle? Book your Deer Isle vacation cottage today!

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